What's New in 2018–2019?

New Strategic Roadmap
In March 2018, PYWA's leadership team approved a new three-year roadmap. The first year year of the roadmap is the 2018–2019 program year. Highlights of the roadmap include increasing our volunteer involvement (including an expanded leadership team), strengthening the value of PYWA memberships (including a new member discount program), and creating a strong foundation for PYWA's mission in years to come.

New Member Discount Program

A significant part of the new strategic roadmap involves increasing the value of PYWA memberships by creating a significant member discount program. We're working hard to get you discounts to curriculum, resources, consultants, trainings, con-ed events, camps, conference centers, and more! Keep an eye on our member discount page to see how these discounts can help you and your congregation!

A New Board of Directors

After over a decade of being lead by a Core Team, PYWA is now being lead by a board of directors. The change came at the request of Core Team members who struggled to explain the name to other people. Not only has a board been established, we've moved from a nine-person team who divided into four focus ministry areas (membership, connecting, advocacy, and fundraising)  to a 12-person board who focuses on five ministry areas (membership, revenue generation, virtual gatherings, face-to-face gatherings, and communication).

More Opportunities to Engage

We're still a grass-roots organization and we will remain agile so that we can respond to the needs of our members. There are plenty of ways to get involved. Each board member leads a small workgroup who brings a specific area of PYWA's ministry to life. Interested in joining us? Please contact us and let us know how you'd like to plug in!


Michelle Phillips

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