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PYWA.org: Youth Worker Resources

Youth Worker Resources

Letters to a Youth Worker

Letters to a Youth Worker allows you to have some of the best youth ministers in the country provide wisdom and insight into effective youth ministry! Check out this great book edited by Mark Devries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects (2002) and Children’s Ministry Architects (2010), a hands-on coaching service for churches whose ministries are in transition or who hope to move any of their ministries strategically forward.

Praying For Young People
Written by Reverends Bill Buchanan and Aimee Wallace Buchanan,
Co-Directors of Asheville Youth Mission in Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville Youth Mission

Written for Princeton Youth Ministry Forums worship (April 23-26, 2012)

One: Healing Christ, we carry young people. We lay them at your feet so that you might heal them and make them new.
All: We carry youth whose parents have lost their jobs and are in fear of losing more; youth who have no homes; youth whose families are falling apart; youth who don’t have families; and youth who are scared.
One: Healing Christ, hear our prayer.
All: We carry youth who are insecure about their friends; youth who feel they have no friends; youth who are ridiculed and bullied by their peers; youth who can’t trust anyone; and youth who feel they are misunderstood and overlooked.
One: Healing Christ, hear our prayer.
All: We carry youth who are grieving the death of a family member; youth who are grieving the death of a friend; youth who are contemplating death as an answer to their pain; and youth who feel dead inside.
One: Healing Christ, hear our prayer.
All: We carry youth who are overcommitted and over-tired; youth who are leaders in our churches and in their communities and in their schools; youth who risk to stand up and stand out; and youth who lead their peers.
One: Healing Christ, hear our prayer.
All: We carry youth who wonder about their future because they are very sick or very lost; youth who are graduating in the next few weeks; and youth who are going to college , who are going to work, or who don’t know at all where they are going.
One: Healing Christ, we are carrying young people. We lay them at your feet so that you might heal them and make them new. We place ourselves in your grace and love that we might be instruments of healing with young people.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Facebook Share Posts

Each week we invite PYWA Fans and Friends to SHARE insights, experiences and opinions with the PYWA Community through the “Share Post” on our PYWA Facebook page. Check out our SHARE POST ARCHIVE of each week’s questions and fan responses. Learn from one another, gain new ideas, and read what’s going on with others in their ministry.

Youth Worker Continuing Education/ Soul Tending

Youth Ministry Institute: Midwest
Youth Ministry Architects
Princeton Institute for Youth Ministry
Youth and Family Institute
Association for Presbyterian Church Educators
Montreat Conference Center
The Blaze: A Formitive Gathering For Leaders of Youth
Annual Recreation Workshop
Youth Specialties
Fuller Theological Seminary / Fuller Youth Institute
Youth Ministry Leadership Institute / Columbia Theological Seminary

Best Practices


Try The Rhyme Bible by L.J. Sattgast for introducing major stories of the Bible in an engaging manner.

Paint a portion of the youth room or office with magnetic paint. (Hint: you will have to paint over it with your wall color.) Use this as a place for “magnetic poetry,” fun pictures, and announcements.

Wii Bowling Night with Youth and Older Adults. Go to a local assisted living home and have your kids bring their wii set up, projector, etc. for a night of intergenerational fun!

Glow Stick Pictionary (idea probably came from Deb Guess): crack a glow stick, turn off the lights, and have your youth spell words or draw pictures with the glow sticks.


Good online daily devotional. Great for youth and youth workers. This site is created and produced by Passport, Inc. and is sponsored by the Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Three Prayers for the Youth Worker (.doc)

Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study by Presbyterian Distribution Services




50 Ways to Use Your Noodle
by Chris Cavert and Sam Sikes
ISBN 0-9646541-1-3

50 More Ways to Use Your Noodle
by Chris Cavert and Sam Sikes
ISBN 0-9646541-5-6

Recreation with Dance, Movement, and Music
by Glenn Q. Bannerman and M. Neil Pugsley
ISBN 1-57895-026-0

Guide for Recreation Leaders
by Glenn Q. Bannerman and Robert E. Fakkema
ISBN 1-57895-023-6

Group Magazine “Try This One” Sections

Links of Interest

Youth Ministry Institute: Midwest – Empowering youth ministers to become skilled and effective leaders

PC(USA) Youth Ministry Quick Sheets
Have you seen the new Quicksheets from the Office of Ministries With Youth? Quicksheets are simple, singular, ideas and articles, focused on the essentials of youth ministry, written by veteran educators, youth workers and professionals. And they’re FREE! Check ‘em out.

Congregational Ministries Publishing Curriculum for your Congregation

PC(USA) Youth Ministry Resources
Great for PC(USA) youth ministry resources and events!

Youth Specialties
Youth Specialties gives a discount to all paid members for the PYWA resource of the month and for YS conferences. If you are a current member, you should have received a coupon code.

The Thoughtful Christian
When ordering 3 or more curriculum pieces from thethoughtfulchristian.com, PYWA recieves a 10% kickback!

Annual Recreation Workshop
The Annual Recreation Workshop is held at Montreat Conference Center the first full week of May. ARW is an amazing five-day expereince of the arts, recreation, and creative Reformed worship. Resources for Wednesday Night Suppers, retreats, intergenerational events, and more can be found on their website.

Making Worship Real
by Aimee Wallis Buchanan, Bill Buchanan, and Jodi B. Martin

Family Based Youth Ministry
by Mark DeVries
ISBN 0-8308-1396-9

The Playbook
by Don Washburn, Kenny Shackelford, and Roger Maness
ISBN 0965832805

The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul-Tending in Youth Ministry
by Kenda Creasy Dean and Ron Foster
ISBN 0-8358-0858

Believe It or Not Bible Studies for Youth Ministry
by Group Publishing

Contemplative Youth Ministry
by Mark Yaconelli
ISBN 0-310-26777-3

Growing Souls
by Mark Yaconelli

Wild Truth Bible Studies
by Youth Specialties

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